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Not your average “10 best places I’ve never been to” travel blog. Established in 2022 from two people’s hate for the miserable, grey weather, and frustration with the current blogging world, wehatethecold was born with one simple aim – to build a library of real-life experiences, from real people, who actually live in, have lived in, or have traveled for more than just a week or so, to the locations they write about. After all… who knows their country better than a local or someone who has moved there? We are sure this will provide the most accurate resources on adventure travel, digital nomad-ing, and more.

That’s a very big task… so strap in and bear with us for a while, while we fill this site to the brim with only the best, most useful content.

What We Do

We take writers from all over the world (commonly locals) and get them to write the real, pull back the layers of information about their country that you want to know as a traveler. The stuff you have to hire a local guide for is the information you’ll find in our guides. We try to stay away from the generic “10 best things” articles and provide a deeper insight into a culture, giving you information on an area basis that helps you plan your own, unique travel experience that no one else has done.

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