Being Cold Sucks

And we decided we’d had enough

Established in 2022 from two people’s hate for the miserable, grey weather, We Hate The Cold was born with one simple aim – to document our journey in search of warmer climates, create adventurous memories we’ll never forget, and help others build the courage to do the same.

I’m Iris! And, I’m Harry.

One day I phoned Iris out of the blue.

We had already decided to go to Thailand for one month, but after months of being unhappy with my day-to-day life and the crippling realization I wasn’t doing something I enjoyed, I called her up and said “babe, let’s go for a year and have the most amazing adventure”.

I was just fed up of meeting the same people just going through the motions of life; fed up of everyone doing the same boring “let’s go out for a meal” or “let’s go out for a drink” (that ends up with everyone being mashed and a terrible hangover).

So… I sat down and asked myself:

“what I would love to create?”

And using a meditation I learned, did the same thing every day for months until I came up with the conclusion.

(trust me I did this thing over 100 times to be sure it’s what I wanted, that’s OCD for ya)

And every time I did it, traveling the world would not budge from my subconscious mind. No matter how hard I tried to ignore it, it just kept coming up.

Now… it’s one thing to say you’re going traveling. But, thinking about packing your entire life into a single backpack for a year with no security or backup plan – that’s the kind of stuff that gives you an uneasy feeling in your stomach that Iris will be able to tell you all about!

And, although I stressed her out to the max, and we had some hard times figuring it out, we’re done doing the same thing over and over – working 50+hr weeks doing mediocre *not really what we want to do jobs*.

That’s literally it.

So, with a war going on, another pandemic looming, the economy about to crash, yadda yadda yadda. We’re venturing into the unknown with a desire to live life on our terms.

We would love for you to join us.

Harry & Iris

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