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We don’t have superpowers. We’re just regular people, with phone cameras, who try out travel experiences, gear, get nomad visa etc., and share everything you need to know from experiencing it hands-on.

This is not your average “10 best places I’ve never been to” travel blog. Established in 2022 from two people’s hate for the miserable, grey weather, and frustration with the current blogging world, We Hate The Cold was born with one simple aim – to build a library of real-life experiences, from real people, who live in or travel to the locations they write about, so others can have a reliable source of information to be inspired by.

Why Trust Us?

We only write about things we have done, have used, or have really experienced… really! All our writers are either full-time travellers/digital nomads, local tour guides, or people who actually live in, or have lived in the location you’re reading about.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help create job opportunities for people to travel, write about what they love, and share the uncovered, true gems of a country that most tourists miss. Therefore we are fixated on creating the most helpful content available online, bound with real insight, real experience, and real knowledge – something you could only get from a local or someone who has lived in a country.

To put it simply, we want this site to be akin to having a local guide with you, but the difference is, that you can access it from your phone, at any time, provided you have a connection.

Our Process Top to Bottom

The content you will find on this site is a direct reflection of the people creating it. We take pride in our hiring process, and our fantastic team of authentic freelancers, who live and breathe this travel stuff. Furthermore, we place a huge priority on hiring writers who have a range of travel experiences. So, for instance, if they’re writing about hiking a certain trail, they’ve hiked that exact trail and have pictures and an experience that can’t be faked to prove it. If they’re writing about a country, they are local or have lived there for more than a year. To put it briefly, our writers live what they write.

We believe that this is necessary to give readers a true, authentic overview of the place, activity, or experience they want to undertake. For example, if you have only traveled in a country for a month, you will never be able to fully understand it, or give the fantastic local recommendations that most tourists miss. This is why we use only writers who have lived in these locations or have traveled to them frequently.

We’re not interested in hiring ‘travelers’ we value creating opportunities for locals, who are able to peel back the layers of the culture, country, and customs better than any traveler who followed a 10-day itinerary online.

On top of all of this, after one of our writers has completed an article, we run it through a further process of fine-tuning to ensure that we create the best, most useful, and helpful article for the world.