Digital Nomad Visa Cambodia – (All Options & How To Apply)

cambodia digital nomad visa

So (like us) you’re searching online for information about the Digital Nomad Visa in Cambodia and can’t find any concrete information on how to stay in the country and work as a Digital Nomad. We saw the lack of information and were annoyed, so we decided to go through the process ourselves and write our findings. Here’s what we found during our visits to Visa offices, immigration, and our month stay in Cambodia. In this article, you’ll learn what Visa to get, how to get it, how to extend it, and how to stay in Cambodia for longer than 6 months and above. Let’s go

Quick note: everything in this article is subject to change. We try to keep up as much as possible, but Visa rules change rapidly and we are not held responsible if you don’t research the official government site. This was updated 15th Nov 2022

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Cambodia Digital Nomad Visa – Does It Exist? (TL;DR)

Cambodia doesn’t have an official Digital Nomad Visa as of yet. You will need to get the Ordinary Visa Type E at immigration. This has to be done on arrival (do not get an online E-Visa). It lasts 30 days and costs $35 to get. You can then extend this using a travel agent while you’re in Cambodia, or at immigration yourself for $275-$300.

The Visa can be extended for up to 12 months. This costs $275-$300 depending on the travel agent you use, and the fees they take.

Important note: it’s recommended to use a travel agent, as they fill out all the forms for you. Of course, you could do it yourself, but for a small fee, you can leave the hassle to someone else.

To get into Cambodia, you often have to have an onward flight booked to show to immigration. If you don’t want to book a flight, you could always book a fully refundable flight and refund it once you’re past the borders.

Bus tickets from Cambodia to Vietnam and Cambodia to Thailand are also extremely cheap and are valid forms of onward travel.

There are many airlines that will need proof of onward travel before allowing you to board the plane.

So what type of Visa should you extend to if you want to stay beyond the 30 days?

The Four Types of Digital Nomad Visa Cambodia

Below we’ll explain all the types we were showed during our visit to the travel agent in Cambodia. Please note that this process should be done as soon as possible when you arrive in Cambodia, as the application can take a while to process.

After asking immigration and a Visa office we found there are 4 types of Visa E.

Type EB Visa – Remote Workers Who Own or Work For A Cambodian Company

This will cover you for up to a year’s stay in Cambodia, and you will be able to renew the Visa indefinitely for a fee. This costs $300 to renew each other’s year. You will need a letter from a Cambodian company with proof of employment there.

If you are a business owner, you can technically employ yourself, but your company must be registered in Cambodia. You can use co-working virtual offices to start a company in Cambodia if this is the route you wish to go.

Self-employed people can attempt this process without a business and some have succeeded, but it’s rare without a registered company.

You will need a business stamp alongside this letter, which you can get from stores in Cambodia for around $15-$20.

Type EG Visa – For Digital Nomads Seeking Employment in Cambodia

You are in Cambodia for the purpose of finding a job. This is extendable to 6 months and allows up to 1 further extension. After this, you will no longer be able to stay in Cambodia on this Visa. It is unknown whether you can extend this Visa more than 1 time, and 1 time extension is even rocky territory.

Type ER Visa – For Retirees

You are over the age of 55 and can prove that you are retired. This can be documentation or payment documents showing your pension. It costs $290 to get the Visa extension and then $275 each year to extend indefinitely. This allows multiple entries and multiple extensions. Proof of savings can be used as proof of retirement too. However, if you’re under 55, you’ll need more documentation.

Type ES Visa – For Students Studying in Cambodia

This is for those people studying in Cambodia. You must have a letter of enrolment in a Cambodian school or college. This school or college must be a registered school in Cambodia. Many people get this Visa by taking Khmer language courses.

To get this Visa you must prove that you have the funds to fund your stay in Cambodia. You can get for up to 12 months and extend for as long as you are studying in Cambodia.

Tourism Visa

cambodian digital nomad visa

The Tourist Visa allows up to 2 months’ stay in Cambodia. You can initially get 30 days and then extend it for another 30 days at any travel agent for $30-$40 USD. This is a single entry Visa and doesn’t allow you to work, or get access to services Citizens would have.

If you want to stay and work, you must get the Type E Visa and upgrade it to any of the extensions listed above.

How Long Should I Get My Visa For?

When applying for an E extension Visa, you should get 6 months of validity and beyond. Below 6 months are not multiple entry Visas, meaning everytime you leave the country you will have to get another Visa before coming back.

What About Visa Runs?

You can technically make a trip to a neighboring country for a single day and come back to the country the same day. Often people report having to pay more for Visas at land crossings ($40-$50) and report many scams at Poipet land crossing specifically.

Lots’ people do this run, but your Visa approval is up in the air every time you do this, and you could be denied entry if your visits are close to each other.

We personally crossed the Moc Bai land border in Vietnam and didn’t have many issues doing so.

If you want to stay in Cambodia indefinitely, it’s just much simpler to get a Type E Visa and get the relevant extension for your stay. For help go to your local travel agent and they will aid you with what to do.

Where Can I Get The Cambodian Digital Nomad Visa?

Once you fly into the country or enter the territory by land, you must go to immigration and request an Ordinary Visa (Type E). It’s important to get this because any other Visa will not be extendable.

Once you have done this, head to the Travel Agent and ask for help with a Business Visa extension. They will guide you through the process and help you to get the required Visa for your stay.

They will charge a fee, but they will work for you to get your Visa.

You could alternatively head to the embassy yourself, fill in the forms and submit your Visa application that way, but honestly… it’s not worth the hassle – just pay the extra and have someone help you through the process.

Often, your hotel or accommodation will also offer this service. Even motorbike rental places offer Visa extension services for you. It’s an extremely popular and easy service to find, so take a look around. However, if you are at a Guest House it’s unlikely they will offer this service, but they will be more than happy to help you find one.

Visa Travel Agents Phnom Penh

Here’s a list of the best visa travel agents in Phnom Penh:

  1. Two World Travel Phnom Penh (we personally visited this and had a great experience)
  2. Expat Motorbike Cambodia
  3. Globe Visa Services

Visa Travel Agents Siem Reap

Here are the best visa extension services in Siem Reap:

  1. Best Buddy Travel & Ticketing
  2. Asia Budget Travel
  3. TS Travel & Touring

Visa Travel Agents Sihanoukville

Here are the best visa extension services in Siem Reap:

  1. Ana Travel and Tours
  2. AMA Visa Services

Proof of Accommodation for The Visa Extension

For your Visa extension, you will need proof of accommodation. It is best to book somewhere that is not openly listed as a hotel, and book an apartment instead.

For this, you could use:

  • Vrbo – serviced accommodation and hotels
  • Agora (The Southeast Asia Airbnb) – cheapest prices for accommodation and has a serviced apartment option
  • Airbnb – great prices and access to flats

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